Kathleen Cavanagh

 Kathy prefers to paint En Plein Air, especially near LIttle Traverse Bay. She feels blessed with an endless supply of inspiring vistas ranging from Good Hart sunsets across Lake Michigan, to boldly colorful NM's resting on their moorings and cushioned in the morning fog. Cavanagh utilizes a rich color palette that breathes life into her landscapes. 

From painting a serene Michigan summer sky, to sailboats underway, Kathy enjoys the creative challenge to produce works that offer both memories of fine days and the promise of more to come. Her work clearly reflects her love of place and her enthusiasm to share it, both with those who know the magic of Northern Michigan and those who still have the chance to discover it.

 Kathy's father and grandfather were both painters and sculptors and creativity is part of her heritage. Cavanagh has studied with Virginia Thibodeaux, Jean Lackey and the Scottsdale Artists' School. Numerous workshops with renowned painters helped her develop her own style in oil on canvas that invites one to feel the beauty and expression of the work and to enjoy moments that are unique to Northern Michigan and universal at once