Katie McGauley


My first career was teaching sailing. I loved spending time with wonderful people on sailboats. It is from those well spent days and years, that I am now able to draw inspiration as a jeweler.

In making jewelry, I can share the sparkle of water splashing off the bow or replicate the curve of a full spinnaker. I get to use beautiful stones to represent stunning waterscapes of blues and greens. Puffy baroque and Biwa pearls often look like clouds against an aquamarine gemstone of sky. The sunshine finds itself in gold and diamonds on the water find themselves set into hammered silver. I am also inspired by the belief that you can carry moments of nature and fresh air with you. In delicate swinging gold or in chiseled stones, I am celebrating and sharing these memories of sea, coast, and sky. Elegant or casual, embracing the refreshed feeling of a day on the water is always in style. 

I continue to study the art of fine jewelry through an eccletic and diverse set of teachers all over the world from workshops at the Revere Academy in San Fracisco to classes in Michigan, Kansas, Thailand and Bali. Here, in Harbor Springs, I opened Belle Aquatic in 2010. The gallery is named to celebrate the beautiful waters that inspire me. As I've studied jewelry, I've met so many wonderful and talented artists, it is my joy to share some of their work with you. 

I (mostly) grew up in Harbor Springs, I love this community and feel very lucky to have returned to Northern Michigan life. It is a small town, and as I often find myself saying, my friends are my customers and my customers become my friends. We are all so lucky to spend time here. I am honored to participate in the vibrant downtown & retail community of Harbor Springs.