Artists & Jewelers


Katie McGauley

Founded Belle Aquatic and curates the collection as well as contributing her own handcrafted pieces.

artist statement:

"My first career and first love is spending time with wonderful people on sailboats. It's from these well spent days and years, that I draw inspiration. Trying to capture the thrill of water splashing off the bow, the curve of a full spinnaker and all the shades of blues. I grew up in Harbor Springs, I love this community and feel very lucky to have returned to Northern Michigan life. "

Kathy Cavanagh 

Is a well versed and accomplished oil painter. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of Northern Michigan, her soothing colors and landscapes add peaceful energy share seascapes, lakescapes and river scenes. Her wide open horizons let you gaze through your walls. Kathy is Katie's mom and is generous about helping out in the gallery when she's not out painting. 

Petra Class

artist statement:

"Trained as a silversmith in Germany and having spent several years constructing tableware, my approach to jewelry making is informed foremost by the European tradition of applied art. I limit myself to creating jewelry that is wearable and also, to a big degree, to the materials traditionally perceived as precious. Within these limitations I am trying to develop my own language, hoping to be able to not only communicate my own sensibilities but also a sense of contemporary aesthetique.

Over the years, I find certain themes reoccurring in my work, the rhythmical arrangements of several elements, repetition of similar forms or colors, the unexpected contrasts of differently textured materials...

I am endlessly fascinated with gemstones, precious or the wealth of different reds found in nature, by the sea of blues: the opaqueness of lapis, the transparency and subtlety of a lightly lilac-colored sapphire. One can almost paint with these stones.

Within the self-imposed limitation of, for instance, making a gold brooch I feel I can, through my choice of colors and textures, communicate a certain mood , an attitude towards life that in turn will be, I hope , sensed by whoever is looking at the a improvisational jazz melody, like an abstract landscape..."

Sam Woehrmann

artist statement:

"With a lifelong intrigue of gemstones and an interest in mathematics I was lured into the metal arts. Learning to both manipulate metal and work with stones has led my work into what it is today. I not only find the amazing colors gems produce, but also the raw crystal structures intriguing. The use of this and different color combinations of metal alloys let me explore designs not only in shape, but in depths along another plane of vision. Being influenced by Earth’s creations and urban backdrops gives my work a strong geometric and industrial look. 

My jewelry training comes from numerous schools and a multitude of instructors from around the world. Also having worked in the studios of two accomplished goldsmiths molded my work into the style I present today. I live and work out of the Castro District of San Francisco."

Tura Sugden

Specializing in both small-batch production and one-of-a-kind pieces, Tura Sugden uses recycled 18k gold, natural and ethical diamonds, and a distinctive approach to stone setting. Feminine and airy, the work has a quiet color palette and detailed construction that is inspired by light, shadow, and the changing seasons. 
artist statement:
"I collect inspiration. I find it in the changing seasons, the fog-filtered light of San Francisco, and in the patterns and repititions of language and nature." 


Corey Egan

artist statement:

"I'm Corey Egan and I create hand carved, wearable works of art filled with personality that you can enjoy for generations. I'm fueled by the belief that the things we own should be thoughtfully crafted to tell our stories."

"When I design a collection, I start with my core hope - that these pieces will help my customers feel equal parts beautiful, edgy, and entirely individual. I focus on bringing that philosophy to life in each design I create. My work is pretty, sure, but it’s also fierce, bold, and timeless. Just like you."


Aaron Henry

Aaron Furlong was born in California, the third generation in a family of established jewelers and diamond merchants tracing back to 1940. By the time he was 21, Aaron had earned both a Graduate Gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Davis.

Returning to Los Angeles, he began a six-year apprenticeship with a master jeweler. Over the next three years Mr. Furlong expanded his knowledge into casting and design, culminating in the creation of AARON HENRY Designs.

artist statement:

"The hallmarks to AARON HENRY jewelry are design integrity, gemstone quality, fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Fine jewelry is an art form, and the creative process extends beyond our studio into every aspect of the world, which we inhabit."

Julia Failey

Inspired by a deep love for nature, art and travel, Julia Failey’s jewelry transcends fashion trends with timeless femininity. Julia believes that beauty is often found in the finest details, and this philosophy that revealed in her intricate designs. Balancing understated luxury and bold individuality, the pieces easily transition from day to night for elegant or effortless looks. Committed to sustainability, Julia Failey jewelry is handcrafted using recycled precious metals and one-of-a-kind stones in Chicago.


Christy Hull Hegarty

Christy Hull Hegarty discovered her love of art at Grosse Pointe South High School, in 1990 and graduated from Denison University, in Granville, OH with a B.A. in Studio Art and Education in 1997. After graduating, Christy started her career as an elementary art teacher in Atlanta, GA and Austin, TX.

Having worked successfully with various media, Christy’s passion for oils began while studying with Michael Teague in Bloomington, Indiana at the John Waldron Arts Center in 2004.  Christy continued her education in oil painting when she moved to the Seacoast of New Hampshire by studying with local artists Pamela Dulong Williams, Todd Bonita, Karen Blackwood and Chris Volpe .